Chemical Dependency (CD) Assessment & Treatment

Substance Use Disorder (SUD/CD) Treatment – Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (Phase 1)

Intensive outpatient chemical dependency treatment (Phase 1) focuses on recognition of the consequences of drug use and the underlying conditions leading to use. Together with the client, we develop an individualized treatment plan that specifically addresses the client’s needs. We then assist the client in laying out a path of transformation.

  • Group sessions consist of lectures, videos, and discussions. Each group session is three hours long, and held three times per week. Individual sessions are scheduled as needed as determined by the counselor and client.
  • A typical program for Phase I runs for 21 group sessions or 7 weeks. However, the program length is determined by the client’s needs as agreed upon with the counselor.

Phase 1 Session Times

Hibbing MN Location

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 9am to 12pm
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 3pm to 6pm

Eveleth MN Location – Women Only

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 10am to 1pm

Outpatient Treatment (Phase 2)

Outpatient chemical dependency treatment (Phase 2) focuses on reinforcement and refinement of the client’s path to transformation as well as developing strategies to maintain that path. This will specifically include relapse prevention strategies.

  • A typical program for Phase 2 consists of 10 weekly group sessions. However, the program length is again determined by mutual agreement on the client’s needs.

Phase 2 Session Times:

Hibbing MN Location

  • Wednesday – 3pm to 6pm

Eveleth MN Location – Women Only

  • Wednesday – 10am to 1pm

24-48 Hour Relapse Prevention Treatment

We offer a 24-48 hour Relapse Prevention Treatment program as required by the Department of Public Safety for driver’s license reinstatement.

  • We are willing to work with clients to obtain the required hours they need in order to obtain their driver’s license. Those enrolled in this part of the program are placed in the Phase II group.