Chemical Dependency (CD) Assessment & Treatment

About Us

We are a chemical dependency treatment facility serving the heart of the Iron Range of northern Minnesota. Our experienced staff affords us the ability to provide services to a wide range of clients. We will customize our treatment services to accommodate clients with special needs.

We do not prescribe medications, but we do work with clients in medication-assisted treatment programs such as Methadone and Suboxone. Mid-Range Chemical Dependency Services maintains working relationships with several other providers and referral sources within the community. We work closely with local medical professionals, counselors, and therapists to provide the best possible treatment experience for our clients.

We are not a 12-step program. Our clients are welcome to participate in the 12-step program of their choice, and meeting attendance is encouraged for those who find it helpful, but our treatment program does not include 12-step participation. Many have discovered that our treatment program can also successfully complement the 12-step program of their choice.

The treatment philosophy at Mid-Range incorporates transformation rather than recovery. Recovery connotes a return to a condition that preceded the addictive behavior. However, recent research into addiction demonstrates that the use of mind-altering substances most often serves as an escape from a reality that the suffering person finds intolerable. The addictive behavior becomes a symptom of a more pervasive dysfunction that causes the use of substances for relief.  Without addressing the underlying dysfunction and discomfort, there will be no real and lasting healing, and the suffering person will either return to using or find some other relief, often more destructive. In our treatment program, we work with clients to help them perceive their lives more honestly and accurately and to create thoughts, beliefs, and values that will help them to become the person that they want to be. Successful transformation will address the underlying dysfunction that produced the addiction, and the use of alcohol or drugs will no longer serve the purpose that it did. We have had many clients who have gone on to have fulfilling lives with no desire to use drugs or alcohol. Our goal in treatment is to assist our clients in creating meaning and purpose in their lives and to maintain consciousness of their purpose with mindfulness practice. We have found that there will be no place for addiction in a life lived with purpose.